Saskatchewan is planning to grow its population to 1.4 million within the next eight years with a new bit of legislation will allow it to become the number one choice for immigrants. 

The province’s population now stands at just over 1.18 million. 

That means Saskatchewan is planning to grow that population by another 220,000 people, or approximately 18.7 per cent, by the year 2030.

in the beginning of May, Saskatchewan introduced its Labour Mobility and Fair Registration Practices Act to help grow the population and  create 100,000 jobs over the next eight years.

Labour Mobility and Fair Registration Act To Help Boost Credential Recognition

“To meet the high demands of Saskatchewan’s growing economy, it is necessary that we develop our current labour force as well as recruit domestically and internationally to bring more skilled workers to the province,” said the Saskatchewan Immigration Minister Jeremy Harrison. “This new legislation will be the most comprehensive of its kind and make Saskatchewan a destination of choice for skilled professionals and tradespeople.”

With the  new act, Saskatchewan will ease the process of credential recognition for foreign-trained workers and help employers in key sectors, including construction,  information technology and healthcare fill jobs in no time.

“As we enter the busiest time of the year for the construction sector in Saskatchewan, it is more important than ever that our members have access to a wide pool of skilled tradespeople,” said Mark Cooper, chief executive officer of the Saskatchewan Construction Association.“The introduction of this new act will ensure that we maintain our safety standards and can quickly grow our workforce of skilled workers in a timely and efficient manner.”

He also mentioned that “With demand for Saskatchewan’s food, fuel and fertilizer increasing and expected to increase even more in the coming years it is absolutely critical that Saskatchewan is able to meet the labour needs of the future,”

 “The Labour Mobility and the new Act will ensure that Saskatchewan is well-positioned to attract and retain the necessary talent that will help grow the population and take our province forward not only in the near future, but in the long-term as well.” 



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