This was a first time Canada welcomed over 25,000 new immigrants during the pandemic. In only one month, Canada welcomed nearly 25,000 new permanent residents. To meet its 401,000 newcomer objective for 2021, Canada will need to welcome an average of 43,000 new immigrants every month from July to December.

According to Minister Marco Mendicino, Canada had its busiest month for new permanent residence arrivals during the epidemic in June 2021.

“We are going to make good on our goal to land 401,000 additional permanent residents,” the minister claims in a recent Globe and Mail story.

Beginning this year, the Canadian government made the decision to welcome at least 401,000 new immigrants per year under its Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023. This goal was established at 341,000 newcomers prior to the pandemic.

This is Canada’s most ambitious plan in its history. Only once in the history, Canada admitted more than 400,000 immigrants in a single year. This occurred in 1913, but due to the outbreak of the First World War, Canadian immigration decreased immediately afterward.

According to the minister’s office, nearly 35,000 new permanent residents arrived in Canada in June.

Canada has had a great start to the year. In January, it accepted 24,680 new immigrants, but the pace slowed in the months after that. In February, 23,395 people arrived, followed by 22,425 in March, 21,155 in April, and 17,100 in May.

In total, Canada has accepted 143,000 new permanent residents in the first six months of 2021, far less than the rate at which it needed to do so.

In order to meet this newcomer objective, Canada will need to bring in another 258,000 immigrants over the course of the year, or 43,000 every month on average.

Following easing the restrictions on June 21st, an additional 23,000 Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) holders are now allowed to move to Canada.

Anyone else newly approved for permanent residence can also move to Canada as a result of this easing.


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