Canada’s economy has been impacted by COVID-19 and new immigrants and international students will be a big help in order to recover the economy after the pandemic.

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected travel worldwide. Last March, Canada introduced travel restrictions to control the spread of the virus. Despite this, (IRCC) continued to process applications for permanent residence. Express Entry draws were also held during this time. Canada constantly attract eligible highly-skilled individuals to make the journey to one of Canada’s provinces, as they prepare for economic recovery.

International students are exempt also from current travel restrictions. New students are also able to apply for study permits. Canada recognizes how international students help the economy and the workforce grow in different parts of the country.

Before the pandemic, Canada still wanted to welcome increasing numbers of new immigrants every year, and employers and industry leaders have called for more effective immigration programs. Canada’s population is aging and the pandemic only amplified the need for new talent.

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